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자가투약의 영향 요인
Factors Affecting Self-Medication

양진선    (부산광역시 강서구 보건소   ); 이기효    (인제대학교 보건대학원  );
  • 초록

    The aims of this study were to find out present situation of self-medication, and to explicate the factors affecting self-medication propensity. To explicate empirically the factors affecting self-medication propensity, a model containing five groups of determining factors such as attitudinal, behavioral, knowled해, and need of health care factors, and demographic factors were developed. Data were collected from 647 residents in Pusan and Kyungnam using the self-administered questionnaire. The major reslts obtained were as follows: First, self-medication was 32% of all utilization of pharmacy. The drugs used for self-medication most commonly were analgesics(16.2%), followed by antacids and stomachics(14.2%), dermatologic preparations(13.1%), tonics and drinks (12.6%). Second, the sources from which people obtained drug information at self-medication were label of the container(50.8%), pharmacist(32.4%), self-decision or lay person(16.8%). The experience of side effect was 10.6% of all self-medication and how people cope with was withdrawal(59.0%), consultation by pharmacist or doctor(35.9%). Third, the results of ANOVA showed a statistically significant relationship between self-medication propensity and 3 demograpic factors, such as sex(p

  • 주제어

    self-medication .   affecting factors .   drug.  

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