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한국생태학회지 = The Korean journal of ecology v.20 no.2, 1997년, pp.83 - 94   피인용횟수: 1

오존에 대한 식물 기공 반응고찰
Stomatal Response by Ozone

이준상    (상지대학교 생물학과   ); 김병우    (상지대학교 생물학과  );
  • 초록

    Stomatal closing by ozone and water stress could reduce further ozone injury by inhibition of ozone influx to the tissue. Direct effect of ozone on stomata can be explained from two aspects which are a stimulation of stomatal closing and an inhibition of stomatal opening. An increase of $Ca^{2+}$ influx into cytoplasm by ozone could stimulate potassium efflux ion channel and inhibits inward potassium ion channels. By this mechanism ozone could induce stomatal closing. On the other hand, ozone could inhibit stomatal opening by affecting the activity of $H^{+}$ dependent ATPase of the membrane in guard cells. This would inhibit proton efflux which precede stomatal opening. It is also possible that ozone could reduce the activity of photosynthesis in guard cells which lead to affect the production of osmotically active sugars and energy. Indirect effect of ozone to stomata is through the effect of $CO_2$ elevation as a result of damage of the photozynthetic machinery. This indirect effect is slower than the direct effect.

  • 주제어

    Stomatal closing .   Ozone .   Photosynthesis.  

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