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호주 알레로파시 연구의 두 방향(1988-1993)
Conventional and Unconventional Research on Allelopathy in Australia (1988-1993)

길봉섭    (원광대학교 생명과학부  );
  • 초록

    Although the number of active workers in Australia is small the range of species associated with allelopathic activity is at least as large as that reported elsewhere in the world. In this paper, work on native and infroduced plants is discussed under the general heading of "conventional allelopathy", thiat is, interactions between plants which are chemically mediated. Work in which compounds associated with allelopathy, in the conventional sense, are biologically active in different contexts is included under "unconventional allelopathy", Examples which involve microorganisms, corals and other marie species, and mammals are discussed.mmals are discussed.

  • 주제어

    Conventional allelopathy .   Unconventional allelopathy .   Eucalyptus .   Allelochemicals .   Allelopathy Research in Australia.  

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