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韓國營養學會誌 = The Korean journal of nutrition. v.30 no.3, 1997년, pp.252 - 265   피인용횟수: 5

쌀과 보리의 식이 섬유가 흰쥐의 지방 및 Cadmium 대사에 미치는 영향
Effect of Dietary Fibers in Rice and Barley on Lipid and Cadmium Metabolism in the Rat

김미경    (이화여자대학교 식품영양학과  );
  • 초록

    This study was performed to investigate effect of dietary fibers in rice and barley on glucose, lipid and cadmium (Cd) metabolism in the rat. Fifty-six male Spague-Dawley rats weighing 244.6 $\pm$ 2.7g were blocked into eight groups according to body weight and raised for four weeks with diets containing 0 or 0.04%(w/w) CdCl2 and four different carbohydrate sources, starch, rice flour, barley flour and mixture of rice and barley flour(7 : 3, w/w). Total dietary fibers and $\beta$ -glucan contents of barley were about three times higher than those of rice (10.75% vs. 3.94%, 3.11% vs. 1.06%, respectively). Food intake, weight gain, food efficiency ratio, liver and kidney weights were lower in Cd exposed groups, and barley group among Cd exposed animals showed highest weight gain, food efficiency ratio and organ weights. Fasting serum glucose levels were not significantly different among groups, Serum cholesterol level was lowest in Cd exposed barley group. Serum HDL-cholesterol level was higher in none-Cd exposed starch and barley groups, and HDL-cholesterol : total cholesterol ratios were higher in none-Cd rice and mixed flour groups than other groups. Liver total lipid and triglyceride levels were lowest in barley groups regardless of Cd administration. Fecal total lipid, cholesterol and triglyceride excretions were high in barley and mixed flour groups. Liver Cd concentrations were low in Cd exposed barley and mixed flour groups. In Cd exposed barley group, fecal weight and Cd excretion were highest and Cd retention ratio was lowest among groups. Small intestine metallothionein(MT) concentration was highest in Cd exposed rice group, and kidney MT concentration was highest in Cd exposed barley group. In conclusion, cereals showed different effects on lipid and Cd metabolism that might be mediated by dietary fibers in cereals. Especially $\beta$ -glucan-rich barley group showed greatest lipid and Cd lowering effects by increasing fecal lipids and Cd excretions.

  • 주제어

    barley .   dietary fibers .   $\beta$-glucan .   lipid metabolism .   cadmium toxicity.  

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