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韓國營養學會誌 = The Korean journal of nutrition. v.30 no.2, 1997년, pp.155 - 169   피인용횟수: 3

(-)-Hydroxycitrate를 이용한 비만 여성의 체중 조절 프로그램 실시 및 효과 평가에 관한 연구(I)
The Effect of (-)-Hydroxycitrate on Weight Control Program in Obese Women -I : Effect on Anthropometric Parameters-

문수재    (연세대학교 생활과학대학 식품영양학과  );
  • 초록

    This study investigated the effect of weight control by using the commercial appetite suppressant ((-)-hydroxycitric acid(HCA) formula) and nutrition education on 72 obese women over a period of 8 weeks. During the study it conducted nutritional education for women to control their weight, thus analyzed their changes in anthropometric variables. All obese women were randomized in a double-blind method to consume either HCA(HCA group : experimental group) or placebo(placebo group : control group). Two groups were also divided randomly into 2 groups combined with commercial formula diet in 1 meal a day(HD group and PD group : HCA + gormula diet and placebo + formula diet) or not(HO group and conducted with 4 groups(HD, HO, PD, and PO group). All subjects were assigned to consume 800-1500kcal/d balanced diet which is 500kcal less than their usual energy requirement. To evaluate the effect of the weight control program, weight, percent of body fat, waist and hip circumferences, and 5 skinfold thickness were measured up to 5 times in all obese women. The mean weight of the subjects at the onset of the study was 76.5 $\pm$ 10.6kg. The mean body mass index(BMI) wa 30.1 $\pm$ 3.8 and it was in the upper 5 percentile of mean BMI of Korean women. At the end of the program, mean weight loss was 3.5kg after 2 weeks(p

  • 주제어

    (-)-hydroxycitrate(HCA) .   weight control .   anthropometri parameters .   nutritional education and sounselling.  

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