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[ Sr2+ ] Stimulation of α-amylase and RNAse in Wheat Aleurone Layer

Kim, Tae-Wan   (Department of Plant Resources Science, Hankyong National UniversityUU0001369  );
  • 초록

    To measure an effects of strontium on secretion of ${\alpha}$ -amylase and RNase, wheat aleurone layers were isolated after the pre-incubation in a solution with or without 10 mM $SrCl_2$ or $CaCl_2$ for 3 days at $25^{\circ}C$ in the dark under aseptic conditions. The secretion of ${\alpha}$ -amylase reached a maximum at 72 h after incubation. $Sr^{2+}$ induced more effectively secretion of ${\alpha}$ -amylase than $Ca^{2+}$ . The ${\alpha}$ -amylase secretions by $Sr^{2+}$ or $Ca^{2+}$ ware about $2 (Ca^{2+})$ to $2.5 (Sr^{2+})$ fold higher than it without divalent ions, When aleurone layers were incubated without divalent ions, however, the ${\alpha}$ -amylase was remarkably retained in the tissues. Total ${\alpha}$ -amylase synthesis (ie. tissues + media) was slightly lowered by 10mM $SrCl_2$ addition. It seemed that the RNase secretion begins at 18 h after incubation. This meaned that the RNase secretion may process slower than ${\alpha}$ -amylasee secretion. $Ca^{2+}$ effect on RNase secretion is stronger than $Sr^{2+}$ unlikely to ${\alpha}$ -amylase. The secretion process is likely to be suddenly induced between 72 hand 96 h. These results suggested that the secretion was enhanced after the accumulation in aleurone layers.

  • 주제어

    aleulone layer .   ${\alpha}$-amylase .   RNase .   secretion .   strontium .   wheat.  

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