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The journal of applied pharmacology : the official journal of the Korean Society of Applied Pharmacology v.12 no.4, 2004년, pp.242 - 249   피인용횟수: 1
본 등재정보는 저널의 등재정보를 참고하여 보여주는 베타서비스로 정확한 논문의 등재여부는 등재기관에 확인하시기 바랍니다.

Stress related activities of Sun-ginseng in SD Rats and ICR Mice

Lee, Geum-Seon    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University   ); Tan-Lee, Blendyl Saguan    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University   ); Kim, Mi-Kang    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University   ); Dong, Kyung-Uoo    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University   ); Kim, Joo-Yun    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University   ); Yu, Gu-Young    (Department of Chemistry, Sahmyook University   ); Han, Jeong-Sup    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University   ); Ko, Hong-Sook    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University   ); Park, Il-Ho    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University   ); Cheong, Jae-Hoon    (Department of Pharmacy, Sahmyook University  );
  • 초록

    The main aim of this study was to investigate stress related activities of Sun-ginseng extract as a candidate for anti-stress-related functional supplement by comparing its effect to those of red ginseng, which is also known to alleviate stress. Normal group was not exposed to stress while the control group was exposed to stress. Rats were orally administered once a day with 200 mg red ginseng (RG) extract, 100 or 200 mg Sun-ginseng (SG) extract/kg body weight. Mice were given water containing 400 mg red ginseng extract, 200 or 400 mg SG/100 mL potable water. Rats were given supplements for 5 days without stress, and 5 days with restraint and electroshock stress. After final stress, stress-related behavioral changes of experimental animals were recorded and levels of blood corticosterone were measured. Mice were given supplements for 5 days through drinking water, and then fatigue related motor activity were recorded. SG-supplementation partially blocked stress effect on locomotion and elevated plus maze test in rats, and also partially blocked stress-induced behavioral changes such as freezing, burrowing, smelling, facewashing, grooming and rearing behavior in rats. SG-supplementation decreased blood corticosterone level which is increased by stress in rats. Effects of SG may not be modulated by GABAnergic nervous system. SG-supplementation prolonged swimming time and staying time on the wire and rotarod wheel in mice. These results suggest that SG partially protects living organisms from stress attack in some cases and thus has the potential to be used as a functional food to alleviate stress response.

  • 주제어

    Sun-ginseng .   anti-stress .   behavioral activity .   corticosterone .   GABA.  

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  • Kim, Mi Kang (2)

  • Yu, Gu-Young (3)

  • Han, Jeong-Sup (1)

  • Ko, Hong-Sook (7)

  • Park, Il-Ho (3)

  • Cheong, Jae-Hoon (46)

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