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Enzyme Profiles of Alga-Lytic Bacterial Strain AK-13 Related with Elimination of Cyanobacterium Anabaena cylindrica

Kim, Jeong-Dong   (Department of Life Science, Hanyang UniversityUU0001519  ); Han, Myung-Soo   (Department of Life Science, Hanyang UniversityUU0001519  );
  • 초록

    To investigate bacteria with algalytic activities against Anabaena cylindrica when water blooming occurs and to study enzyme profiles associated with alga-lytic activity, various bacterial strains were isolated from surface waters and sediments in eutrophic lakes or reservoirs in Korea. Among 178 isolates, only nine isolates exhibited lytic abilities against A cylindrica on the agar plates, and then the isolate AK-13 was selected as the strongest in lysing the cyanobacterium A. cytindrica. The strain AK-13 was characterized and identified as Sinorhizobium sp. based on fatty acid methyl ether profiles and 16S rDNA sequence. According to the results of the enzyme assays, in the strain An-13 of Sinorhizobium sp., alginase, amylase, proteinase (caseinase and gelatinase), carboxymethyl-cellulase (CMCase), laminarinase, and lipase was produced, namely CMCase, laminarinase and protease were highly active. None of glycosidase was produced. Therefore, enzyme systems of Sinorhizobium sp. AK-13 were very complex to degrade cell walls of A. cylindrica. The peptidoglycans of A. cylindrica mat be hydrolyzed and metabolized to a range of easily utilizable monosaccharides or other low molecular weight organic substances by Sinorhizobium sp. AK-13.

  • 주제어

    alga-lytic bacteria .   Sinorhizobium sp.   .   hydrolytic-enzymes .   Anabaena cylindrica.  

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