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식품산업과 영양 = Food industry and nutrition v.9 no.1, 2004년, pp.36 - 45   피인용횟수: 1

Biological Activity of Bamboo Salt

Shin, Hye-Young   (Department of Pharmacology, College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Hee University, College of Pharmacy Wonkwang UniversityUU0001021  ); Na, Ho-Jeong   (Department of Pharmacology, College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Hee University, College of Pharmacy Wonkwang UniversitUU0001575  ); Moon, Phil-Dong   (Department of Pharmacology, College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Hee University, College of Pharmacy Wonkwang UniversitUU0001575  ); Seo, Sang-Wan   (College of Pharmacy Wonkwang Universit  ); Shin, Tae-Yong   (College of Pharmacy, Woosuk Universit  ); Hong, Seoung-Heon   (College of Pharmacy Wonkwang Universit  ); Lee, Ki-Nam   (Professional Graduate School, Wonkwang Universit  ); Park, Rae-Kil   (VCRC of Wonkwang Universit  ); Kim, Hyung-Min   (Department of Pharmacology, College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Hee UniversityUU0001575  );
  • 초록

    Bamboo salt has been used for the purpose of prevention and treatment of various diseases in Korea. Present study was carried out to ascertain the effects of purple bamboo salt upon anti-allergic effect, anti-inflammatory activity and immune-enhance effect as well. Purple bamboo salt significantly inhibited the ear swelling response and histamine release induced by compound 48/80 in mice and rat peritoneal mast cells. Purple bamboo salt (0.01 ∼ lg/kg) also dose-dependently inhibited the passive cutaneous anaphylaxis by oral administration. Purple bamboo salt (1 mg/mL) in hibited phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate plus calcium ionophore A23187-stimulated tumor necrosis factor (TNF)- ${\alpha}$ , interleukin (IL)-1 ${\beta}$ and IL-6 secretion, by 67.04 ${\pm}$ 0.08%, 68.01 ${\pm}$ 1.85%, 69.48 ${\pm}$ 0.54%, respectively. In addition, purple bamboo salt inhibited the expression of TNF- ${\alpha}$ mRNA in HMC-1 cells. Finally, we investigated the effect of purple bamboo salt in the forced swimming test (FST) and the change of purple bamboo salt-mediated cytokine production from MOLT-4 cells. At the 7th, immobility time was significantly decreased in the purple bamboo salt-administration group (35.4 ${\pm}$ 5.9 s for 1 g/kg) in comparison with the control group (93.2 ${\pm}$ 15.45). After FST, the content of glucose in the blood serum was increased and the levels of blood urea nitrogen, lactic dehydrogenase was decreased in purple bamboo salt-administration group. However, it had no effect on the elevation of CK and TP level. Purple bamboo salt (1 mg/mL) significantly increased the interferon (IFN)- ${\gamma}$ and IL-2 level compared with media control (about 3.7-fold for IFN- ${\gamma}$ , about 3.5-fold for IL-2, p〈0.05) but did not affect the IL-4.

  • 주제어

    purple bamboo salt .   immediate-type allergic reactions .   anti-inflammatory activity .   immune-enhance effect.  

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  • Shin, Hye-Young (8)

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  • Moon, Phil-Dong (6)

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