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영도 절영산에서의 식물 집단 구조
Plant Population Structure of Mt Jeolyoung in Young-do of Busan

Huh, Hong-Wook   (Department of Biological Education, Pusan National UniversityUU0000613  ); Park, Joo-Soo   (Department of Molecular Biology, Dongeui University  ); Huh, Man-Kyu   (Department of Molecular Biology, Dongeui University  );
  • 초록

    영도 절영산과 단절된 산림지 3곳에 대한 식물종, 목본류의 다양성 양상을 조사하기 위해 18 plot(12개 50 $\times$ 50m plot와 6곳 10 $\times$ 100 m plots)를 설정하였다. 50 ${\times}$ 50m plots에 는 총 68종이 동정되고 목본류의 개체는 1562개였다. 최소 유의성 차이(LSD)에서 A지점(절영산)이 B지점(낮은 구릉지역)보다 높았다. Shannon-wiener의 다양성 지수에서 세 지역간 유의한 차이가 있었다(F=4.12, p<0.05). 곰솔-갈참나무군락이 대부분 지역에서 우점하였다. 절영산과 태종대 지역에서 곰솔군락이 다른 방향보다 NE방향에 잘 분포하였다. 천선과 나무-곰솔군락은 C지역의 남쪽 plot에 잘 분포하였다. 영도 절영산과 해안 지역에 대한 수목의 공간적 분포는 이질적이며 패치(patchy)구조를 나타내었다.

    The purpose of the precent investigation was to investigate diversity patterns in a fragmented Young-do forested landscape. It was conducted on sloping 18 plots (twelve 50 $\times$ 50 m plots and six 10 $\times$ 100 m plots). Total 1562 individuals were identified and measured in the 50 $\times$ 50 m plots. These were a total of 68 species of 23 families present in the three sites. Least significant differences (LSD) by post hoc analysis revealed that fragments site A had significantly greater densities than site B. Shannon-Wiener functions differed significantly among forests (F=4.12, p<0.05), with site A forest having significantly higher value (3.401) than the others (2.590 for site B and 2.648 for site C). Pinus thunbergii and Quercus aliena were dominant on most sites. site. The Pinus densiflora forest of sites A and C is distributed better in the NE exposures compared with the opposite ones. Ficus erecta and Pinus densiflora largely occupied the southern exposures. The spatial distribution in southern Young-do's littoral forest was very heterogeneous, reflected by most species having low densities and patchy distributions.

  • 주제어

    Young-do .   Least significant differences .   Shannon-Wiener functions.  

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