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Effects of Gamisoyosan on In Vitro Fertilization and Ovulation of Stressed Mice by Electric Shock

Kim, Ji-Yeun   (Department of Biological Science, College of Natural Sciences, Wonkwang UniversityUU0001021  ); Kwak, Dong-Hoon   (Department of Biological Science, College of Natural Sciences, Wonkwang UniversityUU0001021  ); Ju, Eun-Jin   (Department of Biological Science, College of Natural Sciences, Wonkwang UniversityUU0001021  ); Kim, Sung-Min   (Department of Biological Science, College of Natural Sciences, Wonkwang UniversityUU0001021  ); Lee, Dae-Hoon   (Department of Biological Science, College of Natural Sciences, Wonkwang UniversityUU0001021  ); Keum, Kyung-Su   (Department of Oriental Medical Informatics, College of Oriental Medicine, Wonkwang UniversityUU0001021  ); Lee, Seo-Ul   (Department of Pharmacology, Wonkwang University School of MedicineUU0001021  ); Jung, Kyu-Yong   (Department of Pharmacology, Wonkwang University School of MedicineUU0001021  ); Seo, Byoung-Bu   (Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, The Scripps Research InstituteCC0095247  ); Choo, Young-Kug   (Department of Biological Science, College of Natural Sciences, Wonkwang UniversityUU0001021  );
  • 초록

    Exposure to stress is known to precipitate or exacerbate many reproductive dysfunctions such as dysmenorrhea and infertility. Abnormalities of the reproductive system, as shown by reduced ovulation, fertilization and early embryonic development, are frequently seen in dysmenorrhea and infertility. It has been generally accepted that Gamisoyosan (GSS) is a useful prescription for treating insomnia, dysmenorrhea and infertility induced by a stress. Also GSS has been used traditionally to improve systemic circulation and biological energy production. Based on these, this study investigates whether GSS improved ovarian dysfunction caused by stress in mice. Mice were subjected to stress by electric shock on the foot for 30 min daily for a week and treated with GSS at 500 / body weight per day for one week. Thereafter, changes body weight, adrenal weight, ovulation rate, in vitro and in vivo fertilization, embryonic development and estradiol concentrations were measured. GSS markedly increased the body weight of mice with stress, but not normal mice. The administration of GSS caused a reduction in adrenal weight in stressed mice. GSS also had significant positive effects on ovulation rate, estradiol production, in vivo and in vitro fertilization rates and embryonic development. These results indicate that GSS can improve the reproductive dysfunctions caused by stress, and these may production biological energy.

  • 주제어

    Gamisoyosan .   Stressed mice .   In vivo and in vitro fertilization .   Embryonic development.  

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  • Lee, Seoul (8)

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