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Nutritional sciences v.8 no.2, 2005년, pp.118 - 124  

Eating Attitudes, Weight Concerns, Dietary Intake, and Menstruation Among Korean Female Elite Athletes

Lee Dae Taek    (Kim Chang Kew Exercise Physiology Laboratory, Kookmin University  );
  • 초록

    To examine the eating attitudes, weight concerns, dietary intake, and menstrual function of Korean female elite athletes, 109 subjects in seven sports disciplines (rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, badminton, volleyball, Taekwondo, field hockey, and soccer) responded to a questionnaire consisted of three parts; eating attitudes and behavior(Eating Attitude Test-26; EAT26), body weight perception (Body Dissatisfaction Index: BDI) and weight control behavior, and menstrual history and status. They also recorded three-day dietary intake. Body weight (43.6 $\pm$ 4.3 kg) and body mass index (16.7 $\pm$ 1.4 kg/ $m^2$ ) in rhythmic gymnasts were lower than those in other athletes (P $\pm$ 6.5 total), however, eating disturbances (EAT26 score $\geq$ 20) were highly prevalent in aesthetic athletes ( $30\%$ ) than in others ( $5\%$ ). More than half of the athletes perceived themselves overweight and four fifth of the athletes desired to reduce weight about 4.4 kg. The gymnasts consumed the lowest caloric intake (1028:t371) while the volleyball players did the highest (2995 $\pm$ 342 kcal/d) (P $40\%$ of the subjects reported irregular menstrual cycles, but menstrual dysfunction ( $\leq$ 6 menses/yr) was only $5\%$ . Generally, the Korean female elite athletes desired to reduce weight from their current body weight. No differences in eating attitude and body dissatisfaction were noticed among athletic disciplines. However, eating disturbances were highly prevalent in aesthetic athletes who also reported much less energy intake than the recommend daily energy intake. It appeared that weight reduction methods were not properly practiced in these population. Menstrual dysfunction was minimally reported.

  • 주제어

    Body image .   Weight management .   Weight perception .   Eating behavior.  

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