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Food science and biotechnology v.14 no.1 = no.61, 2005년, pp.123 - 130   피인용횟수: 22

Antioxidant Activities of Garlic (Allum sativum L.) with Growing Districts

Lee, Eun-Jung   (Department of Food and Nutrition, Hannam UniversityUU0001481  ); Kim, Kwan-Soo   (Department of Food and Nutrition, Hannam UniversityUU0001481  ); Jung, Hye-Young   (R & D Center for Future Technologies, Altwell Inc.  ); Kim, Deuk-Ha   (R & D Center for Future Technologies, Altwell Inc.  ); Jang, Hae-Dong   (Department of Food and Nutrition, Hannam UniversityUU0001481  );
  • 초록

    Hydrogen-donating capacity, scavenging activity of reactive oxygen including superoxide anion radical and hydrogen peroxide, metal-chelating activity, and reducing power of garlic extracts were investigated. All tested garlic extracts exhibited in vitro antioxidant activities, with Uiseong extract showing highest hydrogen-donating and hydrogen peroxide-scavenging activities, and reducing power, followed by Seosan and Samchek extracts, in proportion to total thiosulfinate contents. Higher scavenging activity of superoxide anion radical was observed in Uiseong than Seosan and Samchek extracts. Metal-chelating activity increased in order of Uiseong $Cu^{+2}$ -induced human LDL oxidation. Protective effects on peroxyl and hydroxyl radical-induced DNA strand damages were observed in all tested garlic cloves. These results indicate growing conditions of garlic cloves affect total thiosulfinate content and antioxidant activities.

  • 주제어

    garlic .   antioxidant activity .   LDL oxidation .   DNA strand damage.  

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