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Effect of Feeding Ammoniated Wheat Straw Treated with Hydrochloric Acid on Blood Biochemical Profile in Growing Male Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Calves

Naik, P.K.    (P.A.U.   ); Mehra, Usha R.    (Division of Animal Nutrition, Indian Veterinary Research Institute   ); Kalicharan, Kalicharan    (Pathology Division   ); Varshney, V.P.    (Physiology and Climatology Division   ); Dass, R.S.    (Division of Animal Nutrition, Indian Veterinary Research Institute  );
  • 초록

    An experiment was conducted to study the effect of feeding ammoniated wheat straw treated with HCl on blood biochemical profiles in growing male buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) calves. Twenty-four growing male buffalo calves (one year of age, 88.54 ${\pm}$ 3.81 kg average body weight) were divided into three groups in a completely randomized design on the basis of their body weight. Animals in all the three groups were fed on concentrate mixture. In addition, they were offered wheat straw, ammoniated wheat straw (4% urea at 50% moisture level) and HCI treated ammoniated wheat straw (4% urea at 50% moisture level and HCl added to trap 30% of the NH3 evolved) in groups I, II and III, respectively for a period of 180 days, as per Kearl (1982) for body weight gain of 500 g/d. In all diets, concentrate:roughage ratio was fixed at 50:50 and were made isonitrogenous by adjusting CP levels of conc. mixtures. Blood was collected from jugular vein of each buffalo calf at the beginning and subsequently at two months interval of experimental feeding. Due to urea-ammoniation, the CP content of wheat straw increased from 2.90 to 6.96% and addition of HCl along with urea further increased the CP content to 10.09%. In all the three groups, the mean values of plasma glucose (mg %) and serum globulin (g %), showed a decreasing trend, while the mean value of serum TP (g %), serum A:G ratio, serum urea (mg %), serum creatinine (mg %), serum ALP (KA units), SGOT (units/ml.), SGPT (units/ml), serum T $_3$ and T $_4$ (ng/ml) showed an increasing trend with the advancement of feeding period. The cumulative period mean values of serum TP (6.15 to 6.20 g %), serum albumin (3.07 to 3.18, g %), serum globulin (2.98 to 3.09, g %), serum A:G ratio (1.03 to 1.10), serum ALP (23.15 to 23.63, KA units), serum T $_3$ (1.20 to 1.23 ng/ml) and serum T $_4$ (21.33 to 21.88 ng/ml) were comparable among the groups. The cumulative period mean plasma glucose (mg %) in group III (57.28) was similar to groups I (55.31) and II (59.41), however, the cumulative period mean plasma glucose in group II was significantly (p $_3$ and T $_4$ values in groups I (1.21 and 21.81), II (1.23 and 21.42) and III (1.20 and 21.33) were comparable. From the present study it may be concluded that feeding of AWS treated with and without HCI to growing male buffalo calves for 180 days had no significant adverse effect on blood biochemical profile.

  • 주제어

    Ammoniated Wheat Straw .   HCl .   Buffalo Calves .   Blood Urea .   Serum Protein .   Serum $T_3$ .   Serum $T_4$.  

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