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Nutritional sciences v.8 no.1, 2005년, pp.28 - 34   피인용횟수: 1

Effects of a High Protein Diet and Aerobic Exercise on Body Weight Changes and Blood Lipids in Slightly Overweight Women

Suh, Kyoung Yeo    (College of Physical Education, Kookmin University   ); Lee, Dae Taek    (College of Physical Education, Kookmin University  );
  • 초록

    To examine the combined effects of a high-protein diet and aerobic exercise on body weight and composition and blood lipid profiles in overweight women, 30 young women were recruited and placed into three groups: The high-protein diet and exercise group (HPE), the exercise-only group (EXO) and the control group (CON) (30 $\pm$ 3%, 27 $\pm$ 2%, and 29 $\pm$ 3% body fat, respectively) for an 8-week experimental period. Daily diet included 25% isolated soybean protein (>90% protein, approximately 400 kcal) combined with each subject s usual diet for the HPE group. The exercise program consisted of aerobic-type exercises undertaken >3 times/wk and for>30 min/session at 50-60% of maximal capacity. Physical fitness, body composition, serum total cholesterol (TC), high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C), triglycerides (TG) and glucose were measured before and after the experiment. Maximal aerobic capacity increased by the end of experiment in both the HPE (from 27.2 $\pm$ 3.5 to 35.l $\pm$ 5.9 ml/kg/min, p $\pm$ 5.4 to 33.8 $\pm$ 3.8 mㅣ/kg/min, p $\pm$ 20 to 155 $\pm$ 18 mg/dL and HDL-C increased from 57 $\pm$ l0 to 61 $\pm$ 9 mg/dL in HPE (p

  • 주제어

    Weight reduction .   Isolated soybean protein .   Dietary protein .   Body fat.  

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