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Algae v.20 no.1, 2005년, pp.61 - 67   피인용횟수: 1

Characterization of Agarose Product from Agar Using DMSO

Jeon, You-Jin   (Faculty of Applied Marine Science, Cheju National UniversityUU0001165  ); Athukorala, Yasantha   (Faculty of Applied Marine Science, Cheju National UniversityUU0001165  ); Lee, Je-Hee   (Faculty of Applied Marine Science, Cheju National UniversityUU0001165  );
  • 초록

    Agar was extracted from Gelidium amansii, which was harvested at the shores of Jeju Island in South Korea. As a unique solvent, the ability of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) was used to separate agarose from agar by removing agaropectine and quality of the resultant agarose was characterized for chromatography purposes. Agar sample was agitated by motor-driven stirrer with DMSO in a water bath (at 70 $^{\circ}C$ for 2 h) and centrifuged (3,000 rpm for 20 min). Resultant upper agarose layer was gelled, washed, dried and milled. The quality of agarose was evaluated by the analysis of proximate chemical composition, sulfate content, gelling strength and DNA migration. In this study, the separated agarose showed low sulfate amount (0.28%) and showed high gel strength (1190 g ${\cdot}\;cm^{-2}$ ). The resolution power and the ligase activities gave clear picture about the suitability of the present agarose for practical purposes.

  • 주제어

    agar .   agaropectine .   agarose .   DMSO .   DNA migration .   gel strength.  

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  • Lee, Je-Hee (34)

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