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한 부모 가족 여성가장의 심리적 안녕 -가족적, 사회적 요인을 중심으로-
A Study on Factors Influencing Psychological Well-being of Single Mothers - Focusing on Family and Social Variables-

김오남   (대불대학교 사회복지학과UU0000388  );
  • 초록

    The purposes of this study were to find the general trends and differences factors influencing single mothers' psychological well-being, and, analyze the effects of family, and social variables on their psychological well-being. The subjects were the 284 single mothers living in Kwangju and Chonnam. The data were analyzed with frequency, t, F, and Pearson's r test, and by multiple regression using SPSS. The major findings were as follows: 1. Single mothers' family variables were lower than the median, but instrumental support was higher than emotional support. Single mothers' psychological well-being was found to be around that of the median value. 2. Single mothers' psychological well-being was significantly different from family stress, family resources, mother-child conflicts, income, emotional support, participation of education program, and institutional support. 3. Life satisfaction of single mothers was influenced by institutional support, family stress, family resources, and emotional support. Depression among single mothers was influenced by family stress, family resources, mother-child conflicts, and institutional and emotional support.

  • 주제어

    한 부모 여성가장 .   심리적 안녕 .   가족적 사회적 변인.  

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