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Journal of plant biology = 식물학회지 v.48 no.1, 2005년, pp.39 - 46   피인용횟수: 1

Constitutive Expression of Two Endochitinases from Root Nodules of Elaeagnus umbellata Confers Resistance on Transgenic Arabidopsis Plants against the Fungal Pathogen Botrytis cinerea

Kim Yaw Joo    (Department of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University   ); Kim Ho Bang    (Department of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University   ); Baek Eun Hye    (Department of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University   ); Heu Sunggi    (Plant Pathology Division, National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, RDA   ); An Chung Sun    (Department of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University  );
  • 초록

    Plant chitinases have been known as pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins, but recent studies suggest that they play functional roles during normal plant growth and development. We previously isolated two cDNA clones encoding endochitinases, EuNOD-CHT1 and -CHT2, from the root nodules of Elaeagnus umbellata. These genes show differential expression patterns, with the EuNOD-CHT1 gene being active in the root nodules and meristems, while EuNOD­CHT2 is preferentially expressed in the infected cells of those nodules. To elucidate the functional roles of these two endochitinases, we have now constitutively expressed each gene in a heterologous plant system, Arabidopsis thaliana. Stable inheritance and expression of the transgenes were confirmed by genomic Southern hybridization and RT-PCR. Our transgenic plants did not differ morphologically from the wild types. However, constitutive expression of EuNOD-CHT1 and -CHT2 in Arabidopsis resulted in increased resistance against a fungal pathogen, Botrytis cinerea, but not against a bacterial agent, Pseudomonas syringae pv. Tomato DC3000. Expression levels were enhanced by both wounding and jasmonic acid treatments (for EuNOD-CHT1), or by jasmonic acid only (for EuNOD-CHT2). These data suggest that EuNOD-CHTl and -CHT2 primarily play defensive roles during root nodule development in E. umbellata.

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    1. 2006. "" Journal of plant biology = 식물학회지, 49(6): 413~420     

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  • An, Chung-Sun (42)

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