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약학회지 = Yakhak hoeji v.51 no.6, 2007년, pp.402 - 408  
본 등재정보는 저널의 등재정보를 참고하여 보여주는 베타서비스로 정확한 논문의 등재여부는 등재기관에 확인하시기 바랍니다.

자궁근종의 성선자극호르몬분비호르몬 효능제 치료에 있어 생리의 영향
The Effect of Menstration on GnRH Agonist Treatment for the Uterine Myoma

한수경   (충남대학병원 약제부HH0000511  ); 이명구   (충북대학교 약학대학UU0001309  ); 한송이   (충북대학교 약학대학UU0001309  ); 박미숙   (충남대학병원 약제부HH0000511  ); 임성실   (충북대학교 약학대학UU0001309  );
  • 초록

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of menstration among the influencing factors for the GnRH agonist (as G: depot goserelin 3.6 mg) therapy prior to the planned myomectomy for women who wanted to preserve their fertility. We reviewed total 48 patients. with the G therapy prior to the planned myomectomy from August 1st, 2005 to August 31st, 2006. The patients were classified by the G group (n=28) and the immediate surgery (as S) group (n=20). The G group (n=19) underwent the G therapy for 3 month courses, and then the efficacy was evaluated by menstruation and the myoma volumes. In the G group (n=19), therapy was effective, and the mean age was $32.4{\pm}6.5$ years. After the completion of G therapy, the mean volume of the myoma by ultrasonography was reduced to $85.2{\pm}71.2cm^3$ comparing of $430.6{\pm}248.8cm^3$ at first visit. The 11 patients had menstruation and the rest 8 patients with amenorrhea had less reduced volume of the myoma ( $124.05{\pm}79.85cm^3\;v.s.\;329.41{\pm}234.0cm^3$ p ${\alpha}=1.0$ ). As the result, the initial myoma volume had the positive correlations to the effectiveness with G therapy. However, the occurrence and frequency of the menstruation during the G therapy had a negative correlation. In conclusion, the use of G prior to the planned myomectomy was effective in reducing myoma volume and the menstruation.

  • 주제어

    goserelin .   GnRH agonist .   myomectomy.  

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