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인체상피세포를 이용한 Vinyl acetate의 발암성 및 작용기전

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  • 초록

    Vinyl acetate has been widely used for the manufacture of polyvinyl alcohol emulsion, which is primary ingredient of adhesive, paints, textile, paperboard coatings, etc. Since these products are plentiful and frequently used around us, workers and consumers are at health risk. International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC) classified vinyl acetate as group 2B(possibly carcinogenic to humans). Among the organs targeted, the oral cavity is the most vulnerable organ affected by the carcinogenic effects of vinyl acetate. Since the origin of most of oral cancer is derived from the epithelial cells, it is important to understand the carcinogenic potential of vinyl acetate in human epithelial cells. Thus, the present study has attempted to utilize the immortalized human epithelial cell model to assess the carcinogenic potency of this chemical and to understand the underlying mechanisms.

  • 주제어

    Vinyl acetate .   Neoplastic transformation .   Human epithelial cell.  

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