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Korean journal of crop science = 韓國作物學會誌 v.55 no.1, 2010년, pp.65 - 69   피인용횟수: 2
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In vitro 실험에서 검정콩 안토시아닌 조추출물의 효능 분석
In vitro Biological Activities of Anthocyanin Crude Extracts from Black Soybean

이혜정    (가천의과학대학교 식품영양학과   ); 도완녀    (강릉대학교 식품영양학과   ); 김용호    (순천향대학교 의료생명공학과  );
  • 초록

    검정콩 종피에 함유된 안토시아닌의 항산화 및 항염증 효과를 분석하였다. 메탄올로 추출된 검정콩의 안토시아닌 조추출물은 0.01%에서 0.5% 범위에서 농도 의존적으로 SOD활성을 증가시켰으며 0.5%에서 superoxide radical을 100% 소거시키는 결과를 관찰할 수 있었다. 또한 RAW 264.7 세포를 배양한 후, 세포 배양액에 LPS와 농도별 안토시아닌 추출물을 가한 결과, 안토시아닌 추출물을 0.001%, 0.01%, 0.02% 농도로 각각 처리했을 때 LPS에 의해 증가된 NO의 생산이 농도 의존적으로 감소하는 결과를 보였다. 따라서 검정콩 안토시아닌 추출물의 항산화능 및 항염증효과를 가늠할 수 있었다. 그러나 안토시아닌 조추출물은 DDT 시험에 의해서는 S. aureus, E. coli, C. albicans, A. niger에 대해서 10%의 농도에서도 항균력을 보이지 않았다.

    This study was carried out to investigate the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory activity of crude anthocyanin compounds extracted from black soybean. The crude anthocyanin compounds were extracted with 80% methanol and concentrated to powder. The most abundant compound isolated from the extract was C3G(cyanidin-3-glucoside). The superoxide dismutase (SOD) assay was conducted to assess the antioxidative activity of the crude extract. SOD, which catalyzes the dismutation of the superoxide anion into hydrogen peroxide and molecular oxygen, is one of the most important antioxidative enzymes. The black soybean anthocyanin extracts inhibited more than 90% of the superoxide radical at a concentration of 0.1% and 100% at a concentration of 0.5%, indicating that this extract displayed excellent antioxidative activity. To assess the anti-inflammatory activity of the extract, a NO(Nitric oxide) production assay in RAW 264.7 cells was performed. NO is an important physiological messenger and effector molecule in many biological systems, including immunological, neuronal and cardiovascular tissues. In this assay, the anthocyanin extracts showed a high anti-inflammatory potential, where the inhibitory potency for NO production was similar to the positive control, particularly for EGCG(epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which is known to have excellent anti-inflammatory activity. Thus, it can be concluded that the anthocyanin extracts from black soybean have distinctive pharmaceutical activities and may be used as an excellent source materials to supplement the health benefits of various food products.

  • 주제어

    black soybean .   anthocyanin .   C3G .   SOD activity .   NO production.  

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