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Food science and biotechnology v.19 no.3, 2010년, pp.837 - 841   SCIE
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Coenzyme $Q_{10}$ and $Q_9$ Contents in 6 Commercial Vegetable Oils and Their Average Daily Intakes in Korea

Pyo, Young-Hee    (Department of Food and Nutrition, Sungshin Women's University  );
  • 초록

    This study investigated the concentration of coenzyme $Q_{10}$ ( $CoQ_{10}$ ) and $Q_9$ ( $CoQ_9$ ) in 6 commercial vegetable oils commonly consumed in Korea and estimated the average daily intake of $CoQ_9$ and $CoQ_{10}$ from oils selected. The analytical method employed saponification before solvent extraction and quantification using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with a mass spectrometer (LC-MS). Contents of $CoQ_9$ and $CoQ_{10}$ in 6 cooking oils varied from 233.7 to 1.4 and from 84.9 to $1.3\;{\mu}g/g$ oil, respectively. Maize germ oil was the richest sources of $CoQ_9$ ( $233.7{\pm}8.2\;{\mu}g/g$ ), while $CoQ_{10}$ was found the highest contents in perilla oil ( $84.9{\pm}7.6\;{\mu}g/g$ ). However, the major oil source of CoQ intake in the Korean population was soybean oil (63.0%). The estimated daily intake of total CoQ ( $Q_9+Q_{10}$ ) was 2.92 mg/day/person.

  • 주제어

    ubiquinone .   $CoQ_9$ .   $CoQ_{10}$ .   vegetable oil .   daily intake.  

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