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KJWHN : Korean journal of women health nursing v.18 no.1, 2012년, pp.49 - 61   피인용횟수: 2

유방암 생존자의 인조유방 사용경험
Experiences of the Use of External Breast Prosthesis among Breast Cancer Survivors in Korea

전은영    (나사렛대학교 간호학과   ); 최순란    (제일병원   ); 강희선    (중앙대학교 적십자 간호대학  );
  • 초록

    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences of the use of external breast prostheses among breast cancer survivors in Korea. Methods: A qualitative descriptive study was conducted, using focus groups. Data were collected from breast cancer survivors who were patients of C women's hospital in Seoul, Korea. Data were analyzed using content analysis in order to identify significant themes. Results: Participants included forty breast cancer survivors who had mastectomy as a surgical treatment. Four themes emerged from the collected data were: 1) concern over the high price of external breast prosthesis, 2) irregular use of external breast prosthesis, 3) unsatisfied with mastectomy bra, and 4) wanting to hide or not to talk about using breast prosthesis openly. Conclusion: Since most participants reported irregular use and negative experiences related to external breast prosthesis or mastectomy bra use, healthcare workers should allow more time for proper fitting and counseling and consulting with breast cancer survivors. In addition, health care providers as well as family and friends should keep in mind that cancer survivors need support that can help them cope by using positive reframing. Furthermore, improvements in the coverage of costs and services are needed for these women. This would be helpful for breast prosthesis users.

  • 주제어

    유방암 .   인조유방 .   유방절제술.  

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