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Genetic Distances of Paralichthys olivaceus Populations Investigated by PCR

Yoon, Jong-Man   (Dept. of Aquatic Life Medicine, College of Ocean Science and Technology, Kunsan National University  );
  • 초록

    The author carried out PCR-based genetic platform to investigate the hierarchical polar dendrogram of Euclidean genetic distances of one bastard halibut population, particularly for Paralichthys olivaceus, which was further connected with those of the other fish population, by involving with the precisely designed oligonucleotide primer sets. Eight oligonucleotides primers were used generating excessively alterating fragments, ranging in size of DNA bands from larger than approximately 100 bp to less than 2,000 bp. As regards average bandsharing value (BS) results, individuals from Hampyeong population (0.810) displayed lower bandsharing values than did individuals from Wando population (0.877). The genetic distance between individuals approved the existence of close relationship in the cluster II. Relatively, individuals of one bastard halibut population were fairly related to that of the other fish population, as shown in the polar hierarchical dendrogram of Euclidean genetic distances. The points of a noteworthy genetic distance between two P. olivaceus populations demonstrated this PCR procedure is one of the quite a few means for individuals and/or populations biological DNA investigates, for species security and proliferation of bastard halibut individuals in coastal region of the Korea.

  • 주제어

    Euclidean genetic distances .   Polar dendrogram .   Bastard halibut population.  

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